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Russian Blue cat
Breeding station 
In Heaven
(Na nebesích)

Here is little something about us

Ruská modrá kočka

I wanted to own Russian blue cats long before the arrival of my beloved cat Atrey Rosa Felina CZ (2011) that came to me seven years ago. The most beautiful and awesome male cat I know. My desire was to breed the Russian blue cats. My dream has come true.

Na Nebesích

The road ahead of each and every individual born in our breeding station is very important for us. We put a big emphasis on the conditions to which our offspring is going and if the new home will be lovable, appropriate and suitable. Therefore, we carefully choose the future owners of our kittens, places where they go and if their human family will love them...

My goal is to base myself on the pedigree, always choose only the best individuals for my girls to underline the solid health and unique nature.

Welcome to our website…..

Ruská modrá kočka
Chovatelská stanice koček


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